My daughter Shannon works in customer service, and she is cursed, screamed at and verbally abused on a daily basis. One day, however, the clouds parted and sunshine came in the form of an extremely happy customer. This person was delighted with Shannon’s speedy and effective help. This customer was so delighted that she wanted to share her feedback with Shannon’s supervisor, even though she had to wait on hold for several minutes to speak with the boss.

It was a great day for Shannon and her boss, who both got to take a break from problems, complaints and drama and revel in what was going right.

How much time do you spend problem-spotting versus applauding your people’s great actions and results?

Do it now, before the distractions of your work put it on the back burner again. Write an email, send a note or go tell someone in person that what they are doing makes a difference. You’ll make someone’s day amazing…and yours will be better, too!

Why are you still reading this?


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Photo from istockphoto.