Ways to celebrate daily success

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Ways to celebrate daily success

Friday evenings are wonderful. We’re usually taking a  breather after a hectic week. We’re enjoying a little time with friends and families. And for those of us lucky enough to be associated with Humanergy, we get to read Weeks Peaks!

Weeks Peaks is the creation of Karen, our fabulous business manager. Each Friday before she leaves for the weekend, she sends out an email that contains bullet points of news – rave reviews from a client, personal milestones, funny stories – anything that is significant in the life of our Humanergy “family.”

Weeks Peaks aren’t hard to put together. Because Karen’s the hub of our office, she is privy to the news of each day. When something notable occurs, she types that into her staged Weeks Peaks draft in Outlook. That makes constructing the email easy, since she doesn’t have to remember the highlights from the week. Most Weeks Peaks are about 7 bullet points – so no major creative writing is required.

For many of us, opening our email at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday is the highlight of the week. We look forward to it, even create rituals around it. We leave the family in the other room, sip a comforting beverage of our choice and settle in to revel in the stories of the week. We stay connected, learn more about each other and feel part of something meaningful, even if we’ve spent the whole week with clients away from the office.

How can you find ways to share and celebrate regularly, without making it an onerous task?

Ahhh….can’t wait for Friday!

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Comments (5)

  1. I would love to see an example of Weeks Peaks. It sounds like a great way to end the week and to have something for the team to rally around the following week. At our office people cannot wait to “bolt” from the office and everyone in it every week. This would be a great way to show that we are a team and to give people more energy and “reason” to come in on Monday. Thanks!

  2. Thanks again.
    Much appreciated.
    Hope the New Year is treating you well.
    Enjoy your observations.
    All the best.

  3. Ric – I would say, humbly, that the key to “Weeks Peaks” is being in the position of having contact with all the members of our team throughout the week, whether they are physically here or not. Our coaches call in to touch base almost daily when they’re not at HQ and there’s always that conversation “So, how’s it going?” that gives me rich content for the WP. There’s equal measure of celebrating new business (what we call “BELL RINGING!”) and great client feedback (“WOW WORK!”), with lessons-learned, with brilliant insights, with sharing personal triumphs and life’s struggles. So, who is it in your team that is naturally in that “connecting” role, who likes to talk with people, find out what is happening in their work and personal lives? Then, leave it to them to create a weekly “team touch” for your group.

  4. I throughly enjoy the leadership blogs. “Week’s Peaks” sounds like a great communication tool to keep everyone in the loop and a pulse on the business. Also, the blog on “Charlie”, what a great way to start out the new year reviewing our own checks and balances of leadership traits.

    Happy New Year
    Cathy Winer

  5. All hail Karen, the founder and keeper of our WPs. Ric, would love to catch up when you have a moment. Cathy, all the best to you too for 2010, pleased you find value in the blog. We have Christi Barrett (Our Chief Blogger) to thank for most of this wisdom.


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