High-quality learning facilitation and competence are a necessary precondition for enhancement of the ongoing development and implementation process.


We love and often give this advice: Make your communication clear. But what does clear communication mean in actual practice? What are the qualities of communication when you need to convey meaning and create mutual understanding?

Precise. Communicates exactly what is intended.

Succinct. Stated as briefly as possible with few (no more than three) discrete components.

Distinct. Not likely to be confused with other ideas.

Given these three qualities, here’s the do-over for the idea communicated poorly above:

People need good trainers in order to grow their skills. 

Why is this so important? “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing” (Rollo May). Those qualities of your work community are fuel for the great things you want to acommplish as a team and an organization.


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Want to create greater mutual understanding? Tell us (succinctly, of course!) about it, and we’ll communicate with you right away.

Photo from Dollar Photo Club.