We were tickled pink to hear a client (we’ll call him Bob) mention recently that choosing to do the right thing – to engage with others productively, even in the midst of conflict, confusion or tension – was getting easier over time. In the past, he had some pretty ingrained habits of avoiding issues until his frustration reached a boiling point. Let’s just say that when he got mad, he didn’t always behave in ways that he felt great about afterwards.

What had changed? Bob found that by practicing some new thinking and behavior, it is now the easier choice to step back and focus on the goal, get the facts and work towards a productive solution.

Making right choices makes right choices easier. Duh.

Here at Humanergy, we talk about Red Path and Green Path choices. When we choose the Red Path, we engage in self-justification that gives permission for some not-so-helpful behaviors – being defensive, blaming others or ignoring issues, to name a few.

What we’ve found is that the more you choose to follow the Green Path – like focusing on success and being direct, honest and respectful – the easier it is to do that. These transformative choices and behaviors become fluid. Bob says that he is now more likely to take up issues before he gets frustrated, thus making the Green Path (and the greater good solutions that come from it) more likely.

Bob has reached the point on his leadership journey where he enters into all kinds of sticky interactions with a set of ingrained tools that create individual and team success. Way to go, Bob!


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Photo from Dollar Photo Club.