I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of keeping a journal – for stress relief, to capture learning and even to boost the immune system. Therefore, the HBR article about the advantages of journaling for leaders was not a complete surprise. I must admit to an immediate reaction of “not ANOTHER thing leaders need to be doing!”

We know we need to exercise daily, read broadly, meditate, take time off, have regular conversations with our peers, bosses and direct reports, and, oh yes, do our jobs. Now we need to journal.

Does anyone else feel a little stressed by all the “must-dos” of outstanding leadership?

Then I took a breath and got some perspective. What can I do to make this daily journaling practice realistic? For one thing, I can take some of my thinking time and turn it into writing time. I’m sure that some of the results of this effort will appear on this blog. Other musings might simply be for me – to help me get a better understanding of myself and others.

Above all, I suspect journaling daily would “clear the decks” of my mind’s ramblings and help me focus on what is truly important.

Time to put those many blank journals I’ve collected to work!


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