When we’re recruiting new employees, it’s tempting to paint a rosy picture. We want to impress these candidates, especially if we think they possess the skills we desperately need.

One of Humanergy’s clients recently noted, “The typical organization puts out the red carpet when hiring, then the vinyl flooring during onboarding. We do just the opposite.”

What they meant was that they expose candidates to the brutal (and wonderful) reality of the job during the hiring process. They strive to be as realistic as possible about the challenges, working conditions, deliverables and organizational culture.

The typical interview process is part “inform” and part “woo.” Make sure that you don’t err on the side of under-informing. Not sharing the “nitty-gritty” details can result in unrealistic expectations and misalignment from day one. That could mean that you’ll have to repeat the hiring process sooner than you’d like.

When you’re hiring, don’t just allow candidates to try to figure out how it will be to work at your organization. Be as thorough as you can, giving people a realistic preview of the scope, role and culture if they choose to take the job.

The biggest payoff of the “vinyl flooring” approach is that you will save time and money getting the right person in the right position the first time around. After all, as Ray Kroc said, “You’re only as good as the people you hire.”

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Photo courtesy of sxc.hu