Let’s be clear we are talking about stuff – paper, gadgets, broken equipment and the like.

As Humanergy has transitioned from a large office (equivalent to 3-bedroom home with full basement, plus two outbuildings), we are living into the benefits of a simpler, smaller, less cluttered space. As we prepared to move, it was shocking to discover how many things were stuffed into file cabinets, closets and the basement. Instead of dealing with our out-of-date files and dead technology, we’d chuck them in the basement or in the back of a closet. Rather than figuring out if a book was useful, we left it (and its many friends) on our massive bookshelves.

Well, the chickens came home to roost when it was time to move. How many times did we exclaim, “Why?!” when we stumbled across yet another broken or discarded item.

Our new practices will be to keep things simple, never print something that can be retained securely in an electronic format, and deal with our used toners (and other stuff) right away. We’ll continue to recycle when we can, even when it might be easier to toss something in the trash.

The payoff is a sense of freedom, efficiency and a lightness that we didn’t know were missing. For more information on the “benefits of an edited life,” check out this Ted Talk by Graham Hill.

We do know there’s one book we won’t get rid of! Comment below with the name of a teammate, and you may BOTH win a copy of our new book: “What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary.” Contest ends May 27, so comment now with the name of a teammate!

Have an experience with purging you’d like to share? Comment below or leave us a message.


Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash