One of our Humanergy team members is the poster child for learning and self-improvement. (Rather than embarrass him, let’s just call him Bob.) Once new information is available to Bob, he quickly assesses its merits. Will this improve my work with clients? If the answer is yes, Bob doesn’t just wait for an easy way to implement this new insight. He does his homework, analyzes best practices and immediately puts new ideas to work.

Bob is not just “willing” to learn something new. He’s passionately invested in getting better all the time. He’s all in, 100%.

Here’s how you can be a continuous learner like Bob:

Be a sponge and be choosy. It can be hard to wade through the myriad sources of information. Peruse likely sources of quality information for “news you can use.” Be selective about what you invest time in, recognizing that you can waste a lot of time exploring options that are impractical or not applicable.

Try it out. Through hands-on experience, use the new tool or technique. Then tweak it to be even more effective in real-world situations. (We call this Do and Learn.)

Share with others. Let others learn from your experience. Not only will they benefit; they may also have brilliant insights about how to better the ball… you know what they say about great minds.

What about you? Are you just willing, or are you relentless in your quest to learn and grow?


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