I just read a short article about the importance of taking time at the end of the day to contemplate, pray or otherwise spiritually focus. The piece inferred that you do this when you have everything done – your work completed, emails sent, Facebook and Instagram checked and all other mundane tasks of daily life accomplished.

Then it occurred to me. That magically “finished” state will never happen. If I wait to be “done,” I will never get to the inward work that is essential to well-being.

So I’m not waiting. I’m standing up now, finding a quiet space, and gifting myself 10 minutes of meditation. Then it’s back to reality, refreshed, productive and probably less stressed out about all the things I have yet to do.


P.S. I really did this. I walked outside and did 10 minutes of mindful, nearly-blissful weeding in Humanergy’s flower beds. A beautiful break that was sorely needed!


Tell us how you center in the midst of busy-ness.

Photo from Dollar Photo Club.