Ah, the exit interview. For the organization, this is seen as a good opportunity to get some insight and feedback before the person leaves. For the interviewee, the exit interview can be a quandary. Do I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Do I try not to burn bridges and go through the motions, not really revealing my true perspective?

One leader Humanergy works with recently said, “Forget exit interviews. We should do STAY interviews.” “Stay interviews” happen when you frequently check in with your direct reports, not just on key projects, but on how they are doing, what needs your attention and your personal connection with them.

Ken Shur wrote in a LinkedIn article, “Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings are a key action that successful leaders plan and execute with their direct reports. They provide an opportunity for you to help your employees by listening, coaching, motivating and staying connected which leads to happier, more productive employees.”

So go on. Set up regular, short meetings with your direct reports and start reaping the benefits of a more engaged workforce. This may seem like a huge investment of time. However, an engaged workforce is worth it, decreasing turnover and absenteeism, increasing profitability and customer ratings, among other stats.

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Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash