“Freedom lies in being bold,” said Robert Frost, and much can be said for the bold leader stepping up during trying times. Yet there are stunning examples of leadership boldness gone bad as well, like Volkswagen’s Martin Winterkorn and Turing Pharmaceuticals’ Martin Shkreli. What qualities do leaders need to combine with chutzpah to maximize their impact?

Kevin Daum writes about 7 actions bold people can take to be successful. Among them are constantly reassessing strengths and weaknesses (in particular) and taking active steps to mitigate their flaws. Daum also mentions the need to be clear about priorities so that opportunities can be seized immediately. Without a laser-like focus, leaders can use a shotgun approach and achieve little but frustration and overworked employees.

Perhaps the most surprising action that a bold leader can take is to be quiet. Intrepid leaders know that their words carry great weight, and they use them judiciously.

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Photo by Samuel Clara on Unsplash.