Humanergy is in the process of transitioning to new software to manage data about our clients and friends and all the information we need at our fingertips. We’re moving to BatchBlue, and so far we’ve been impressed with how easy it is to use and their customer service.

BatchBlue has another quality that we find attractive. They have personality. They take their jobs seriously, but they exude energy and playfulness at the same time.

Case in point – they’re holding their second annual Small Business Super Hero contest. And yes, we’ve entered. In the spirit of promoting fun and not taking ourselves too seriously, here is our contest entry (thankfully for you, it was limited to 200 words):

While the city sleeps, an overworked executive nods off at her desk, after struggling for weeks to figure out how to lead her company through the latest wave of change.

A small town board of education member lies awake, worrying about the ongoing labor dispute and the implications on kids in the district.

The night shift at the plant drones on, but the supervisor knows that tomorrow will bring another wave of layoffs, as the factory fights to remain productive.

Isn’t this where the super hero rushes in, armed with weapons needed to fix the problem? In reality, this is where Humanergy comes in, to unleash the power of your people – working with you to find the superheroes within!

Got a nagging villian keeping you up at night?

Some consultants can waltz in and act like heroes with all the answers. Humanergy knows that you know more about the problems and solutions than we do. We bring whiz bang tools and structures and help you see things more clearly. We coach you, train your team and facilitate the important work sessions that will enable you to vanquish any foe.

Okay, maybe we won’t win Small Business Super Hero of the year. But it was amusing to try on the cape – and to think creatively about what Humanergy brings to the table that is so unique.

What super powers does your organization possess or bring out in others?

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