With every business feeling the effects of this tough economic climate, effective coaching of your people is critical to give you the edge on the competition. This is true for both helping employees acquire new skills and dealing with performance issues. So, how do you ensure coaching success?

Effective coaching includes alignment, learning and performance.

Ensure Alignment

1) Are you and the performer completely clear about what is expected?

2) Does the performer know how this skill will benefit him/her on the job, as well as in reaching the company goals?

3) Can the performer first observe someone doing this skill well?

Create Learning

4) Has the performer been given “practice” time where mistakes are encouraged to promote learning?

5) Has the performer been given clear and specific feedback about what they are doing well and what needs improvement?

Insist on Performance

6) Once time has been given to learn the skill, is there an evaluation completed by the coach of the performer’s current skill compared to the performance standard?

7) Based on this evaluation, have progressive and targeted next steps been identified that will provide the right oversight by the coach and optimum growth for the performer? Are there clear and specific timelines for when the skill must be acquired?

It is often said that “while you may not find time to do it right, you’ll always find time to do it over.”  If you use these questions as your coaching guide, you’ll get the satisfaction of doing it right the first time. You’ll also save time, money and frustration as you build a competent team.

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