Once again, our friends at Brains on Fire have given us a well-needed kick in the pants. This post has inspired me to get off the frenzied, always-be-productive treadmill that has been my life. When was the last time I spent a chunk of time with no agenda, nothing specific to accomplish? It’s been a long time since I did nothing for even half an hour. I’m always trying to make “efficient” use of every chunk of time.

In spite of my frenetic drive to make every second count, I  know that “doing nothing” has payoffs. I expect to reap these benefits from just wandering and wondering, as BoF puts it:

  • Refreshment that comes from getting out of frantic mode
  • Piqued curiosity, seeing connections and having insights that are new and fun
  • Greater awareness and mindfulness – seeing the beauty in simple things

I am hoping for spiritual and physical renewal, but I also know that is an unrealistic expectation to have from taking a 30-minute break. Just think of the great thoughts I could think…or not. Maybe I’ll just “be” instead and let go of the expectation to make every second count.


Need to give yourself permission to stop for a bit? We’ll help.

Photo from Dollar Photo Club.