Too many goals?




Too many goals?

I’m a reformed goal-setter. I do set goals, of course, but more carefully than in years past. I used to have long lists of goals – for work, fitness, relationships, balance, etc. Could I have recited them all without referring to my list? Nope. Did I refer to that list after my initial goal-setting frenzy? Nope. Did I accomplish many (okay… any) of them? Nope.

First, let’s just state the obvious. If you can’t remember it, it’s not a goal. If you haven’t done anything since “deciding” on the goal, it’s not a goal.

A friend recently mentioned that she limits goals to two. She’s found success when she works hard on those two goals for 60 days at most, then set another two goals. Her rationale is that daily life is crazy enough without setting yourself up for failure and regret. She is able to maintain focus on what she wants to improve and still manage the necessities of life, something she could never seem to do when the list was longer.

Be kind to yourself. Set a goal or two and get ’em done, without driving yourself crazy in the process.


Want to zero in on your two goals? Tell us about it.

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  1. I like your friend’s approach. That makes total sense! If we follow every ‘should’ we read about, we would all have tons of goals constantly. Impossible to track & achieve, and too much pressure, as you state above.

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