The pandemic has created more discretionary time in some people’s calendars, as virtual work eliminates commute time and travel is less common. To be clear, we know that for essential workers the crisis has resulted in long hours with little free time, and others have lost their jobs altogether.

However, for those with work-at-home jobs, there may be opportunities to focus more energy on self-directed learning, mindfulness practice or exercise. We heartily endorse all three, as the combination of addressing body, mind and spirit nurtures your entire being. Whether it’s gratitude journaling, meditation, listening to podcasts (like and subscribe to Humanergy’s), participating in virtual yoga classes or taking formal training, scheduling and prioritizing your whole self pays off with better health and resilience.

If you are currently struggling with finding the time to prioritize yourself, take heart. Podcasts are a great way to make use of time spent driving or doing routine chores around the house. Meditation can happen amidst almost any activity. Think about how you can transform a daily task, like washing dishes, when you tune into your breath, focus on the feeling of the water and soap, etc.

Your nightly streaming binge can be redirected to focus on your own growth. (YouTube isn’t just cat videos. Like and subscribe to Humanergy’s channel for short videos that engage and provide practical tips.)

Want to really transform your leadership and career trajectory? Sign up for our 100% virtual High Impact Leadership Training – a series of 12 monthly half-day courses, guided by our expert trainers. We make the technology easy and even fun…and we ensure on-the-job application of new skills.

As we go through COVID-19 together, self-care is critical, and sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction. Pair up with a friend or colleague and become body/mind/spirit accountability partners. Make sure you’re clear about your desired outcome, what you’ll do and how you’ll measure progress. With that sort of structure, and a person to encourage and challenge you, your chances of real change increase exponentially.

How are you boosting your mind, body and spirit in these trying times? Comment below or message us.


Photo created through Canva