The current reality of COVID-19 means that most of us are physically separated from others, including teammates, colleagues and customers. When we are in the same vicinity, we’re wearing face coverings to prevent the virus from spreading further. This is a vital best practice, and it comes with some challenges that must be navigated.

For one, it is more difficult to convey our emotional state when others can’t see your whole face. So how do you stay aligned emotionally with others and not have your emotional state be misjudged?

  • Tell people how you’re feeling. During these times of distance and masking, it is important to be transparent and share your feelings verbally. Don’t assume that others are picking up your joyful (or frustrated) demeanor. As your mom said when you were a toddler, “Use your words.”
  • Use your eyes. You may want to amplify your facial expressions, knowing that people can’t see your mouth. Be aware of the common ways our eyes convey our emotional state.
  • Relax your body. Take a deep breath, lower your shoulders, and don’t cross your arms in front of your body. Without the visual cues from half our faces, what we do with our bodies is more important than ever.

Some health experts say face coverings and social distancing may be here to stay, at least for some time. How are you adjusting your communication to stay on the same page with others through a mask or on a computer screen? Comment below or send us a message.


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash