Sometimes we just can’t wait to get to work, to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Other days, not so much. How do you boost your energy at those times when you’d prefer to hit the snooze button or linger at home over yet another cup of coffee?

On a recently-sluggish day, I turned to the magical internet for some recommendations to get me out the door. A poetic gem from Drake Baer on Fast Company: “We need not yield to the Sedentary Death that awaits our constantly sat seats; we can show some derrière-relieving daring-do by having walking meetings.” In other words, move more, not less. A fantastic tip, and yet I couldn’t seem to gather the energy at that moment.

Marissa Håkansson on MindBodyGreen suggests listening to your body. So I asked myself, “Am I really, truly tired and need a day of rest?” The answer was, “Naw, I just feel meh.” So I took advantage of Marissa’s second tip, cultivate stillness. I allowed myself several minutes of quiet at home, and before I knew it, I felt ready to get dressed and greet the workday. In those few moments, I was able to recognize and accept the feelings of procrastination guilt that were keeping me on the couch.

When I did arrive (quite late), I felt a sense of peace and focus that enabled me to tackle some tasks I’d been putting off. So don’t let your first urge to sleep in or lounge around be the only one you act upon. You may find a reservoir of strength and energy lying beneath the surface.

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Photo courtesy of Cris Saur on Unsplash.