Crowd-sourcing, mind-mapping and apps can be valuable tools when you need to tap the wisdom of many minds. The fine folks at Brains on Fire remind us that we don’t need technology to build upon one another’s ideas. This tech-savvy organization keeps it simple by using this brainwriting technique:

1) Gather minds, index cards & writing utensils
2) Present problem to be solved and give the group 5 minutes to individually brainstorm a solution on an index card
3) Pass the cards to the left and have each member react to the idea on their new card, adding on to create a bigger,            meatier concept
4) Pass and expand again, three to four times
5) Present, react verbally and bask in the glow of your shared genius


What’s your favorite way of amplifying your collective intelligence? Comment below or share it with us.

Photo by Brandi Redd on Unspash.