Can you be a leader of character and competence in a power-based, undermining or bullying culture where you don’t reap what you sow? This is an environment in which the world REALLY needs a new kind of leader.

  1. Leaders, look in the mirror. As Meghan Butler writes in Fast Company’s blog, How to fix your toxic culture, “Resolution begins with leadership discovering how their own actions or inaction fanned the toxic fumes.” Once there is self-awareness and personal accountability among the leaders, work on the culture can begin.
  2. Live by core values. Drew Fortin of The Predictive Index says that core values need to be articulated and lived out every day.
  3. Leaders need to be the protectors of culture and people. So says Mike Myatt of NGrowth in Leadership and Toxic Work Environments. This requires coaching team members who display harmful behaviors, and showing them the door if their conduct doesn’t improve.

People want work that challenges them and provides opportunities for making an impact. Don’t let your culture rob people of their sense of self and commitment to the organization. As the old saying goes, “anything that costs your peace is too expensive.”

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Photo by Jules D. on Unsplash