Spencer WestleyWe are pleased to welcome guest blogger Spencer Westley, Humanergy’s former intern and wellness writer.

Have you ever heard of the “Freshman 15?” You know, the thing that happens when kids leave mom’s kitchen and discover the magical world that is their university’s dining hall and they go up a few pant sizes? Well, I wasn’t willing to let that happen to me.

Here are three helpful tips I learned during my first few years of college that not only prevented me from putting on those dreaded 15 pounds, but actually helped me lose them instead!

Don’t want to bite it? Blend it! I’ve found that it’s not only more time efficient, but easier and, well, … less yucky to drink your veggies rather than eat them! My go-to smoothie recipe is a little ice, about a cup of kale (don’t worry, you can’t taste it), a few slices of pineapple, half a cucumber, a few strawberries if you’re feeling fancy and just a splash of your favorite juice. Blend that all up and you’ve got a portable, healthful snack! Find some more recipes at dailyburn.com.

Keep the junk food out of the dorm room … or in your case, the kitchen! If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. I’ll admit, I’ve been known to take a few Little Debbie Nutty Bars up to bed wtih me (whoops). Everybody needs to keep fun snacks around for when we’re feeling a bit rebellious! However, I found myself reaching for the apple, cheese stick or almonds if they’re actually available. Make healthy options accessible for yourself.

Dress for the occasion! I have been able to find some workout clothes that are not only appropriate for class and meetings, but the gym as well. If you pick out an outfit at the beginning of the day that lends itself to a quick workout, you’ll be more likely to do just that … workout!

I know these are all tips you’ve heard before, but it’s never harmful to review the basics!

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