I hardly ever have no opinion or am wishy-washy about an issue. (I did the “What’s your superpower?” assessment, and it was no surprise that mine was decisiveness.)

That is why this article by Steve McKee resonated. It’s a message I really need to hear – that I am not certain or correct or able to make a reasoned judgment about many, many things. Like McKee, I have no idea why Cleveland prevailed over Golden State in the NBA playoffs. (I’m glad they did!) I also don’t know what makes good play writing or if orbiting a spacecraft around Jupiter is worth the expense. This list of issues on which I know almost nothing goes on and on.

It is humbling to recognize that even if I’m definitive by nature, I don’t have an opinion about everything. Maybe it’s even a bit of a relief! And it opens me up to doing something that is a real superpower quality – being curious and asking more questions.

What’s your superpower, and does it come with a downside? Comment below or state it definitively in a message.

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash.