Spencer Westley


We are pleased to welcome guest blogger Spencer Westley, Humanergy’s recent intern and wellness writer.



As we all know, living a life of wellness doesn’t stop at diet and exercise. There’s much more that contributes to a healthy way of living, one of which includes getting out and having some FUN! You’ve been working hard, and I think you deserve a mini-vacation! So, grab the kids, fill up the tank and take a trip to some of my favorite drivable getaways in this mitten-shaped state of ours.

Holland, MI:  Okay, I know I’m a bit biased because I go to school there, but Holland is the cutest, most quaint little town there ever was! With tons of shopping, multiple dining options and a beautiful lakefront, you can get lost for hours in “one of the kindest towns in America,” where the atomsphere can’t be beat, and the scent of tulips fills the streets! So, find the fam, hit the shops, grab some grub and go park it at the beach!

Mackinac Island, MI:  Undoutedly my favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD! The family and I head to Mackinac every year for our annual vacation to the Grand Hotel. From the light mist of water you feel traveling across Lake Huron via ferryboat, to the view of the mighty Mackinac Bridge, the island has something for everyone. With no cars allowed you’ll be forced to walk or bike, making sure you get in those steps! P.S. The horse poo isn’t so bad after a while…

Detroit, MI:  For years I correlated Detroit with my uncle who lived there and his house that smelled of mothballs. It wasn’t until recently that I rediscovered the city and all it has to offer! Museums? Check. Food? Check. Tigers? Just the baseball kind. D-Town has gotten a bad reputation but we can change that!

Again, the point of this post is to nudge you to take a day out of your weekend to grab a group, hit the road and just enjoy each other’s company while taking advantage of what the good ol’ mitten has to offer. Live a life of balance by playing hard and working hard too!

How do you keep your wellness tank full? Comment below or message us.

Photo from Adobe Stock.