I love my FitBit. This tool keeps track of my steps, and though I have the simplest model (no heart rate or sleep monitoring for me!), I find it gives me the kick in the pants I need to keep moving. So how could that be bad?

It’s all fine until I leave my Fitbit at home. Then I find myself thinking, “Why walk? It won’t count anyway!”

Really?! Is this about my overall health and fitness, or is it about syncing with my app and seeing that smiley face? I hope it’s the former, but I do admit that I am not as enthused when the steps don’t “count.”

The downside of tracking anything is that it can become all about the tracking, not the ultimate goal. Whether you’re talking steps or production quotas, the danger is that you move heaven and earth to track a metric, but lose focus on why it’s important.

At the end of the day, maximizing my Fitbit steps won’t matter, but amping up my activity will!


Do you have healthy tracking habits around stuff that matters? Comment below or message us.

Photo by Kate Serbin on Unsplash.