The coming year will see big changes for Humanergy. It’s very energizing, and as we plan for entering our 21st year on March 1st, we are throwing out all the givens and sacred cows (carefully and humanely of course).

Some things won’t evolve. We’re 100% keeping our focus on igniting leadership in individuals, teams and organizations. And we will continue to put the needs of our clients front and center. What is changing is that we are selling our office in Marshall.

Over 99% of our work happens at clients’ locations, because that is easier and more convenient for them. Increasingly, Humanergy’s office staff have been enjoying the flexibility of 21st century technology that allows them to work from wherever. All of that means a pretty sleepy HQ on most days.

We considered being 100% virtual, and not having any Humanergy space at all, since most of us prefer to work from our home locations, and we’re spread over 100 miles of beautiful Michigan. Being together every day wasn’t happening, and we have found 21st century ways to stay united as  a team.

So why have an office at all? What convinced us to rent a small space is the need for storage and some work stations for those who want or need to be in an office location. Another bonus is we’ll have a place for monthly team meetings, so we won’t have to figure out where to bring us all together. (My vote is still at an ice cream shop, but I’ll make do.)

What are your thoughts? Are there new ways of maintaining an organization’s identity, connections and essence that don’t require a big office? What is the secret sauce of greatness as it relates to physical space? Comment below or message us on the QT.

For those of you who want to visit (yes, please) or send us snail mail, our new address as of 10/1/19 will be: 121 ½ W. Michigan Avenue, Suite E, Marshall, MI 49068.


Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash