A clean desk makes you more productive?

HumanergyProductivityA clean desk makes you more productive?




A clean desk makes you more productive?

Confession: I generally have a messy desk. Yet I feel increasingly drawn to tidying it up before I dig into work. (Yes, the photo on my post is my actual desk. And, no, I didn’t clean it before I snapped the picture.)

Maybe that’s because I subconsciously realized what research now indicates – that a messy environment boosts stress and can even encourage procrastination. Who knew that cluttered desk could encourage avoidance behaviors like mindless snacking and web surfing?!

Several years ago, I posted a blog about the relationship between a messy desk and creativity. That may still be true. And if I pay a price for a chaotic work space – more stress and procrastination – I guess it’s time to make neatness a lasting habit.

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  1. Always, always, always keepin’ it neat here. I cannot function with a messy desk. Hats off to those who can!

  2. My priority is knowing where things are. That means my desk is messier (more juggling of tasks going on at the time) or cleaner (less tasks to juggle) at certain times. I do a deep clean of my desk only when I had to take too much time to find something, or I misplaced something. Also, I am, by nature, a ‘shiny object’ type of person, meaning I can easily move from one task to another, which can lead to distraction-based work. I see something which reminds me to do something else and in turn this reminds me of a third task. It is still work getting done, just in a non-sequential manner. Knowing this about myself means when I have a large task which requires focus or has a tight deadline, I must remove all other items from my desk, put a polite note on my door to see me after XXpm and hunker down. After the task is complete, my desk reverts to messiness! It has served me well and allows me to be me with no guilt.

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