Tidy desk = better results?

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Tidy desk = better results?

I just took one of those goofy quizzes on Facebook. This one was about the tidiness of my desk. Result? Clean up your act.

That got me thinking (not cleaning). Does a tidy desk make you more productive?

This article from the New York Times, which quoted a study published in Psychological Science, can be summarized in two sentences.

If you need to create, messy is best. If you want to make disciplined choices, be neat.

That might explain my preference for chocolate over more healthy options, and I’m not sure I can maintain a clean desk and still find insight and inspiration.


Messy or neat? Do tell or comment below.

Photo by Christi Barrett (yep, that is my messy desk).


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Comments (3)

  1. Thanks Christi

    OMG you just made my day.. I have been working to develop a creative culture and I have the messiest desk in the place.. Leadership by Example.. David would be proud!!

  2. Well you were here Tuesday and you saw what a mess it it. I like to think of it as controlled chaos.

  3. Boy oh boy doesn’t this hit home. I often find on those days when I “flounder” and can’t seem to catch any momentum or accomplish much, my desk is a mess … often has been for several days. The act of purging and cleaning it up in itself is enough inspiration to propel me into action on other much more valuable work. The mess of email does the same thing … get too far behind and I find its paralyzing. Cheers to keeping things clean in 2016!

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