We are believers in the power of leadership development. That’s our reason for getting out of bed in the morning. And we have also seen in our two-decades-plus of working with people that it’s important for all growth to have a WHY. What we mean by that is, growth for the sake of growth is fine, AND the best scenario is recognizing the impact you need or want to have and tailoring your growth plan to achieve that.

For example, Jose wants to be a stronger leader of the team. Jose recognizes that there have been times when the daily grind gets in the way of strong communication, clear accountability and effective delegation. Jose’s growth in those areas is tied to and motivated by the desire to grow and lead others. It’s the “what’s in it for me?” when life gets crazy, and it would be easy to put development of new capabilities on the back burner.

Desired impact is your compelling WHY for sticking with your development goals. Sometimes desired impact can be big and aspirational (like “become a CEO within 5 years). Sometimes impact can be relatively small and aspirational (like show up calmly when people around me are losing it).

Whatever your impact, make sure it’s something you really want and use this as the carrot that keeps you moving forward. Reach out at info@humanergy.com or 269.789.0446 with any questions