Organizations can be prone to misalignment and loss of focus toward what really matters. This happens when people – even with the best of intentions – concentrate on differing objectives. It is hard enough to maintain our focus as indviduals, let alone ensure that the organization is laser-like oriented toward a small set of goals (together, the organization’s North Star). Like voyagers since the fifth century, people need a constant by which to navigate.

How do you ensure that your organization remains aligned and concentrating efforts on the right stuff?

Humanergy, in the early days of its founding in 2000, developed its TrueSuccess goals. This is the set of interdependent goals that is our reason for being and the lens by which we evaluate everything we do. Today, 21 years later, those TrueSuccess goals, remain largely the same. They are Humanergy’s North Star, and they include:

  • Increase the greater good in the world and
  • Financial security and freedom and
  • Delighted clients and
  • Healthy client base and
  • Thriving Humanergy network and
  • Impactful intellectual assets and
  • Mindful and purposeful and balanced lives and
  • Lean, scalable performance infrastructure

These TrueSuccess goals are equally important and depend upon one another (hence, theĀ and between them). Humanergy uses these goals as our North Star, the directing destination that guide our strategies, execution and decisions.

What is your North Star? Comment below or message us anytime. We love to hear from you.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash