Humanergy is 20!




Humanergy is 20!

Once upon a time, an Aussie and a Brit found their purpose through helping people be the best leaders possible. John Barrett (from Australia) and David Wheatley (from England) worked together the first time beginning in 1996. In 2000, the stars aligned and it was the right time to launch a new leadership development company.

That company, Humanergy, is celebrating its 20th birthday today!

So why call it Humanergy (pronounced Hue-MAN-er-gee), you ask? It is a combination of the words “human” and “synergy,” because John and David realize that it really is people who power the greatness in organizations.

From a fledgling two-person business, incubated at the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce (THANKS!), Humanergy now employs seven people. We’re all focused on delivering our TrueSuccess goals, which includes increasing the greater good in the world and delighting our clients.

We are grateful to those of you who’ve been a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more about how we will celebrate this milestone. In the meantime, what are you celebrating? Comment below or send us a message.


Photo by Caterina Berger on Unsplash

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Comments (12)

    1. Aric, your thoughtful and courageous input has helped us learn and grow. Thanks for the partnership!

  1. I can still see us (Byrnes and Barretts) on that Spring Break 20 years ago. Russ had just retired from the State Police and John had just left his position. I think we both thought this could be our last vacation ever! Congratulations on 20 very good years.

    1. Mary Jo, what a memory! As I recall, we were cautiously optimistic that this would work out, but yes, what a leap of faith our families were making at that time!

  2. Happy Birthday! Grateful for our partnership with Humanergy – looking forward to the next 20

    1. Thanks, Heather! We value the partnership with MCCU and look forward to supporting your amazing success!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been a Humanergy fan and advocate since the beginning ~ cheers to many more!

    1. Thanks, Terry! John, Lance and the whole team value the partnership with Brazeway as well! It’s an honor to work with you.

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