You may have heard the phrase, “eat the frog first.” We blogged about it years ago. Essentially, the advice is to tackle the big, difficult, unappetizing or complicated project first, before you fritter time away on the easier, quicker tasks. That’s because we often allow this minutiae to take up an entire day. And still the frog sits there.

But sometimes a frog isn’t really a frog. Take one of Humanergy’s giant, complicated, pain-in-the-butt projects – putting together experiential kits for all of our folks that do training. We had one set of everything, and we spent too much time trying to figure out, “Who has the tent poles?” Our solution was to get everyone a set containing all elements, so that they were always prepared for whatever activity they were heading.

In hindsight, it seems pretty easy. But it took a new employee (thanks, Udhav!) with fresh perspective to rethink some of the kit’s contents, making the whole set super portable and multi-functioning.

Here’s the entire kit for one person, super compact and easy to carry:






Sometimes a project that seems big, hairy and nasty is actually small and sort of adorable. You’ll never know unless you apply some clear thinking. If you can’t do that, find someone fresh who can approach it from a new direction.

Have you ever wrestled a frog, only to discover it was a bite-sized treat? Tell us about it or comment below so the whole world (or our corner of it) knows!


Kit photo by Christi Barrett.

Frog photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash.